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6 Crucial Points To Remember Before Planning A Corporate Event

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corporate event can be basically described as a social activity, hospitality or event that is funded and organized by a business entity. This business event may be organized with the purpose of educating, rewarding, celebrating, marking key milestones, motivating, encouraging collaboration or even managing the changes in an organization. There are many decisions that take place for the proper planning and organizing of a corporate event. All the details must be properly brainstormed before planning the event so as to make it a successful one. The 6 major tips for making a corporate event informative, memorable and fun are as follows:


The overall goal of the corporate event must be decided primarily before even selecting the venue or making the list of attendees. This goal of the business event might be to inform, introduce, educate, fundraise or even celebrate a milestone. These potential goals might be the reason why the business has organized the event. This goal actually influences all your further planning which includes the budget of the event, choice of the venue, event planning and approach. This goal must be intentionally aligned with the aims of the business so as to clarify the plan of action. Once the goal is formed it becomes clear to the attendees as well as the business itself about the event expectation. This primary task before event planning is very crucial as it clarifies for the company the plan of action in order to measure the event’s Return of Investment (ROI) which further helps to make other event-related decisions.


For any major corporate event, it is very important to hire an event planner from corporate event management companies who can coordinate between decorator, caterers, designers and your company. If not, all of this will have to be done by your company itself which will be a daunting task on its own. The hired event planner must be experts so as to handle all the aspects of the corporate event planning your business event so that the entire function is smooth as butter. These specialists have amazing resources and connections for each and every zone of your event so that you do not have to manage all the vendors whole and sole. The organizers make sure that even runs without a glitch and the brand can in a unified way run the event successfully.


The venue is a very vital part of the event as it sets the tone for the function. As soon as you decide your event goal and hire up a corporate event planner, you must know how many expected attendees are going to be there. One can do this by preparing an attendee list that tentatively gives an idea about the anticipated turn out. After this is done, one can decide the venue that keeps all these factors in mind. There is an increase in event venues all around the world so any business has various options that can fit various sizes, styles, and atmospheres. When you hire an event planner, they have major tie-ups with extravagant venues of all types so the business gets full advantage of that. The event style, theme, and logistics must align perfectly with the venues that are zeroed down and a final place must be selected appropriately.


The participants at the event must be completely engaged all during the duration of the function. A fun theme must be selected for this so as to induce some excitement. One can also give the theme before-hand to the attendees so that they can dress up and wear outfits accordingly. They can also bring items relating to the theme of the event. A wonderful and well-thought theme can amp up the excitement levels of the people attending the event. If it is a multiple-day event, people enjoy it more due to these engaging activities. A theme must be selected intelligently keeping in mind all the significant details. In case a theme is followed half-heartedly, it actually deflates the participant’s joy rather than pumping it up. While when a theme is followed carefully and is well-executed, it depicts that the business has spent an ample amount of energy and time into making this event and the attendees and participants then also respond similarly.


Activities at the event that encourage interaction among the audience are one of the key constituents of the corporate events. This component can be easily neglected by the business which is of actually of main importance in the function. An amazing impression can be left on the guests through interactive activities at the business event which is apart from socializing and relishing meals. One can even keep a photo booth for giving an uplift to the excitement of the attendees or even organize special programs like dancing, musicals, which will encourage high levels of creativity and interactions in the event. All this even helps in making the event a memorable one for the brand as well as the attendees. Often the planners also provide various props for the photo booth and other activities to keep the guests engaged with the latest trends.


All the major corporate events are put up in metropolitan areas and major cities in the country. This can make transportation and parking for the guests a challenging task. For these major business functions, guests also fly from multiple places so giving them proper transport is very necessary so as to make their business trip smooth and enjoyable. An appropriate planner can also help you out with the coordination of transportation of the variety of guests. They make complete plans for the transport of the guests for coming to and fro in the evening. All these arrangements make the guests very happy as they do not have to book their own rides and find parking spaces in crowded and expensive areas as there are drivers and transport that is already arranged for them by the event organizers.

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