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Our team consists of a unique mix of professionals who work together on envisioning, strategizing, planning, creating and delivering extraordinary output in the form of an unforgettable event for our clients. We stand with you through the full event journey, from planning your event thoroughly up to execution. Our offerings include a number of different services to ensure that our clients get all that they need and want – all served on a platter.

We understand that it takes ideation and creativity to design a successful event, but we also understand that each event requires careful attention to detail, delegation of work and finally, pooling in all resources to bring an event to life.

At UNIEVENTS, we adopt a systematic approach to planning events. This approach includes conceptualization, coordination, control, culmination and closeout.


In the conceptualization stage, we lay the foundation of the event by first unveiling the objective of the event. We also work towards answering the five major questions – Why, Who, When, Where and What. Through this process, our team understands the objectives of the event, learns about the expected attendees or guests, creates an outline of the deadline and lists out probable venue options. This step helps us articulate the clients’ expectations so we can work towards fulfilling all that they desire.


An event is a masterpiece that is created with the help of artistic hands from different departments, right from strategizing, curation, venue designing, logistics to lighting. We truly believe that team work makes the dream work. We have mastered the art of coordination and are able to leverage the power of strong ties with suppliers and vendors in planning the best events through exceptional coordination efforts.


As much as planning is an important part of event management, regular monitoring, regulation and evaluation of ongoing progress is indispensable. Timely internal and external checks and follow-ups help us avoid any chaos and conflicts, ensuring that our clients are subjected to a pleasant event planning experience.


As the event day comes closer, we begin focusing more on getting our plan to culminate into a real-life successful event. On the day of the event, we take complete ownership of crowd management, front-end and back-end management and security. Right from the setting up the event to wrapping up – we’re always by our clients’ side.


Just as all good things come to an end, we ensure that our client leaves the venue with a sparkling smile and a fulfilled heart. We also ensure to review, evaluate and report the event outcomes after the event ends followed by formal terminations with vendors and other third-parties involved in event production.

” Let’s Join Hands and Create the Best Events for You